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Scholarships change lives


We create opportunities for learners worldwide by offering scholarships and utilizing our proven playbook that builds core competencies in in-demand technologies.

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Partner with Udacity to sponsor a scholarship program for underrepresented groups and have an outsized impact on your organization and broader community.

Benefits to your organization

  • Hire the right talent

    Solve persistent digital talent gaps with a program customized to fit your hiring needs and goals.

  • Avoid runaway talent costs

    Lower the cost of recruiting by developing a vetted talent pipeline.

  • Streamline the hiring process

    Unleash your company's potential for growth while saving on recruitment costs.

Benefits to your community

  • Cultivate talent diversity

    Cast a wider net and land quality candidates with diverse perspectives that contribute to success.

  • Elevate corporate social responsibility

    Get ethical decision-making and sustainable business strategies.

  • Next-level outcomes

    73% of Nanodegree program graduates had positive career outcomes, and 50% received a median pay increase of 33%*.

Sponsor a Scholarship

Udacity’s proven career results

Our scholarships have helped tens of thousands of people globally. And that number keeps growing everyday.


overall* positive career outcomes (2500+ graduates)


feel more confident when applying for jobs

Student Success Stories

Guillermo Orellana Ruiz

Android Developer

  • Now Head Android Developer at Badoo
  • Studied to become a sound engineer
  • Wanted to build apps since he first saw Android in 2009

Lara Martin

Mobile QA

  • Member of Women Techmakers in Berlin
  • First app she created won “Best App”
  • Seeks to become a full-time Android Developer

Jose Nieto

Android Developer

  • Received PhD in Organic Chemistry
  • Started out by building basic apps for fun
  • Now full-time Android Developer

Joe Goodall

Mobile Developer

  • Formerly a personal trainer
  • Self-taught basic programmer
  • Now builds Android apps in sports and health

Available scholarships

Next Generation Tech Booster

Who can apply?

Individuals aged 18 years or older with proficiency in English.

Program options

Agile Software Developer, AI Programming with Python, Enterprise Security

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  1. *Udacity Career Outcomes Survey, July 2020