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Executive Leadership

Give business leaders without a technical background the knowledge and confidence to run AI, data science, and cloud computing departments strategically. As your company grows, business leaders need to have enough technical insight to be credible. Our leadership training for executives has the right level of rigor to prepare execs to work with experts.

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Business leaders need to understand AI to gain a competitive advantage, make strategic decisions, improve customer experiences, leverage data-driven insights, navigate workforce transformations, address ethical considerations, and collaborate effectively with AI experts.

Steps To Become An AI Leader

    Executive Leadership Across Industries

    • AI for Business Leaders

      • Through case study-based leadership training and development, your team will build a foundational technical knowledge of machine learning (ML) and the business applications of artificial intelligence (AI) across industries.
      • Executives learn what strategic questions to ask and how to evaluate opportunities to embed ML processes and AI technology into a corporate strategy.
    • Data Science for Business Leaders

      • Teach business leaders how to strategically approach solving the human capital, technological, and management challenges of data science integrations.
      • Students gain knowledge in identifying opportunities for data science across many functional areas of the business and learn the tools to prioritize and execute on those opportunities as part of a data science initiative.
    • Cloud Computing for Business Leaders

      • Give business leaders the unique knowledge they need to unlock the value of cloud technologies within their organizations.
      • Enable a more cloud-native department to drive growth and create operational efficiencies. Udacity offers leadership training and development programs in AWS, Azure, and hybrid systems.
    • Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

      • A business leader needs to understand cybersecurity to protect their organization's sensitive data, intellectual property, and digital assets from cyber threats and breaches.
      • Knowledge of cybersecurity allows leaders to implement robust security measures, develop incident response plans, mitigate risks, and maintain the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders in an increasingly connected and digital landscape.

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